News and Announcements

Creating a Home for Winters History

Historical Society of Winters members Woody Fridae and Gloria Lopez hold an historic “wayfinder” sign from many decades ago. The Historical Society is gearing up for the big meeting, planned for April 10 at 6:30 p.m. at The Palms, to pitch the idea of starting a museum in Winters. They will have many opportunities for Winters residents to help out: volunteering as a docent, donating artifacts, building displays, organizing fundraising events and activities, and serving on the steering committee. All are invited to come, share ideas, hear about Winters’ history and work on strategies to make a museum a success in Winters.

(Winters Express photo and text by Debra DeAngelo)

Winters City Hall Centennial

Celebrating Winters City Hall: Winters residents gathered 100 years ago to celebrate the grand opening of Winters City Hall. Participants at the Centennial event on Wednesday, October 26th, had the opportunity to tour the building that was not only City Hall, but also housed the police station, fire station, Winters Library, Fortnightly meeting chambers, and the Winters Courthouse. (Article from the Winters Express - Photos by Woody Fridae)

Natasha Cardenas and Rebecca Fridae view the program from the inaugural banquet celebrated 100 years ago. (Photo by Woody Fridae)

City Manager John Donlevy lead the tours at the October 26th City Hall Centennial Celebration and shows the jail cell located on the first floor, where cleaning supplies are now stored. (Photo by Woody Fridae)